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Seeing something I haven't seen before, building something that never existed before.

Collecting new skills and experiences like precious shinies.

Artisanal bit wrangler & @elgg expert, and @withknown core contributor.

Hacker, Wanderer.

Have laptop, will travel.

Popped round to my mum's for tea, and helped protect her from the -

To underline what I said earlier; Encryption is a human right, and is how we protect ECHR articles 8 through 11 in the digital age.

Making a Raspberry pi based plug-in-and-go tor proxy appliance for my mum.

Question: Why isn't incognito mode on my browser just the tor browser?

"If you think it, don't say it. If you say it, don't write it. If you write it... don't be surprised"

Tell your ISP you don't consent to snooping: ...then move from protest to resistance

Also @cassetteboy also doesn't mention gag orders that will destroy trust in UK tech, or even UK based employees.

Reminder - this already goes on, just retroactively makes it legal.

Cassetteboy vs The Snoopers' Charter: Not hyperbole, the Tories want to hack your shit, for power.

Interesting, the only amendment to the thus far has been to make MPs exempt. Seriously?! Fuck those guys. UK Gov has no legitimacy.