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Can anyone suggest a javascript library to do link preview / url unfurling? Seems like something that should be solved by now...

@evandropastor You can use it for your blog, like wordpress, but it's new, modern and from the ground up.

A @withknown patch to add SQLite3 support

Reading the HTTPS page, wondering if there's a potential for level 7 powered by Tor

Doing server upgrades, so finally pulled my finger out and moved my blog over to https only with HSTS and a 301 redirect.

@benwerd But you could equally say "while identity is needed to get a domain, I'm fundamentally opposed to "

Messing around with tor hidden services, @withknown now happily running

Heh heh, my UPS' now talk to me through my @withknown status tracker.

Because someone asked (forget who) - post issues/reply to comments on github from your @withknown site:

@benwerd And what is choosing to chase the bottom line instead of what's moral if not an ideological decision?