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Founding a Startup, Just One More Time: ... well worth a read.

What is the responsible thing to do with old computer hardware and games consoles which work, but are just obsolete? Consoles I'm thinking could be a good donation to a children's charity..?

Based on feedback from a friend I'm updating my CV to focus on impact rather than tech. Seems obvious, but for some reason I wasn't doing it! Good for the ego, my last project won an award ffs:

Folks! I am looking for new work opportunities in 2018. Ideally, FT or PT contract of up to 9 months in the Oxfordshire area, or longer/elsewhere if remote working is an option. Big bonus points for a social mission. Get in touch!

Merry Mythmas to you all!

Could we just kick Capitalism to the kerb already? It clearly doesn't work, lets do something better.

Dear brexiters: 1) You could always have blue passports, the UK just decided on red ones. 2) The idea of a nation state is backwards and idiotic.

It's such a shame UKIP has closed its freepost address, I'd love to post their racist horseshit back to them...

So, 2015 sucked balls, 2016 sucked even more balls, and 2017 was a KFC super sized bucket of dicks. I'm not liking this trend for 2018...

Conversation over a dinner at the w/e. is stripping me of my citizenship, and replacing it with a much less valuable one. Fact that some places offer citizenship for money (e.g. Cyprus), and part of the value is that it's EU too, means EU citizenship has a market value.