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One fringe benefit of is that the pound has tanked so much I'm a super attractive hire for overseas companies. Silver linings, I guess...

@OxfordHackspace Hey folks. Not sure if you'd be interested, but I'm having a clearout and I found an old Sharp Zaurus SL-5500. Just plugged it in and it works, but obviously the tech is archaic. Flashed with OpenZaurus. Anyone fancy it?

Social media archaeology.. oh, the cringe!

You are responsible for your own happiness, and nobody is coming to save you.

Vaguely tuning back in to and I'm reminded of those students who'd spend the summer partying and leave all their homework to the Sunday afternoon before they go back to class.

Finally had an excuse to get to grips with Docker. Fun fun!

Yeah, as someone who's almost certainly going to have the same lifestyle in the next couple of months I'm seriously thinking that the way forward would be to buy and live out of a Winnebago. Gives you the option to work out of anywhere in the EU too, and keep travel costs down.

@absolonkent Looks like longform posts don't automatically do link expansion... this is actually a longer discussion, as link expansion makes sense for status posts, less so automatically for long posts...

@absolonkent Got a URL? Anything in the javascript console?