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My new bluetooth earphones make me feel very vulnerable to Cybermen

... apparently some of the debris from the demolition of the stacks took out the local substation taking out power for thousands of homes. Given the last time they tried to demolish this thing a bunch of workers got tragically killed, a few hours without power is definitely an improvement.

Woken in the night by loud thunder. Got up this morning to realise that we'd had a power cut that exhausted the batteries on my UPS. Got coffee and read the news to find out that some careless person had let the local power station explode.

Folks, if you're planning on upgrading to the latest @withknown unofficial package, especially if you've not updated in a while, make sure you're running at least PHP 7.1. Anything less than that is EOL, and so isn't supported.

Does anyone know if @internetarchive has any plans to offer an api to add and resolve pURLs?

Just updated my unofficial @withknown package build:

My train carriage has a Borg designation

Heading to London for the JISC RDA & FREYA workshop

Switched a client site from Recaptcha 2 to Recaptcha 3 and tripled their conversion rate. UX is important folks!