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Seeing something I haven't seen before, building something that never existed before.

Collecting new skills and experiences like precious shinies.

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Have laptop, will travel.

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No, but you're saying that this is the only error you're getting....

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Flickr has changed their free requirements (and they'll now delete old photos if you have more than 1K photos), and the premium is now twice the price.

They do however offer a full data export, so I think that may be an easier approach

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Hmm... OAuth is only part of the story.

The issue is that if a client wants to connect, it needs to know what client app to talk to. Fine for a central service, not so much for self hosted installs.

The out of the box OAuth2 process needs some tweaks to the workflow to solve this issue...

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Closing this, the business case for it has gone. Plus, it probably doesn't need to be in core...

My fridge is so clean and defrosted right now, it'd hurt your eyes to behold.

Took a little while to get used to and working (pro tip, make sure you upgrade jetpack), but loving WordPress' new Gutenberg editor.

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To certain values of "work". Import / Export is a hard problem, with many variables/quirks and such and such that can cause issues, and it's not a well trodden path.

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Those are they, and also leave the Uploads folder alone

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Standard procedure - replace everything except your configuration files and the Uploads directory.

For anyone who reads this - avoid using the "official" package on, it's hopelessly out of date at this point. I think @benwerd is going to update the whole site, but he's a busy dude.

Happy International Hangover Day! Space aliens, now is a good time to invade.