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That'd be quite helpful, actually. You can email me on, my pgp key should be on the standard key servers or my website.

@EatPodcast Not at the moment, but I've pushed some debug so we can see more once that's merged:

@EatPodcast It would be good to have a sample of the payload being sent. I've not managed to replicate using curl, so I'm guessing it's something that OYG is sending

@jgmac1106 Yeah, just run grunt from the project root, it's the default task.

@jgmac1106 Minimisation is done via a grunt task. This also minimises javascript.

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Anecdotally, this appears to be a relatively new thing. Apparently the package on does install, but newer packages don't. I guess this means I broke something when I rewrote the installer, although I can't for the life of me see what, or have any idea why it should only crop up on dreamhost.

@jgmac1106 @cleverdevil @benwerd PHP Classes / the class loader are case sensitive - Looks like you've got a typo, should be Read not read.

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I'm not sure I'm seeing a double run through... Hmm

Would be handy to see a capture of the post request...

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Is there a sample of the ping being sent? It's probably related to the multiple photo changes recently...

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If this is still an issue, it'd be really handy to have a dump of what is actually being sent