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... Mmm... love it when SSLLabs gives me an A+ rating...

Up early to switch a large client site over to HTTPS. Remember, you've only got until July to switch over before Chrome (the most popular browser) starts displaying warnings on your site! (Google search already drops you in rankings btw)

Lets make this m****r humpin' code push _epic_

Fixed a fairly major @withknown bug last night which was preventing tokens from working in some cases, if you were having log in problems or configuration weirdness (modules becoming disabled randomly etc), take an update!

BoJo says that we have no reason to fear a new cold war with Russia.

::goes off to buy canned goods and hides under his desk::

Just a heads up, here's a beta release of the new Elgg Multisite, based on Elgg 2: Been a while, but I needed an update!

I'm going to point out that using nerve gas on foreign soil is, in fact, an act of war. But I guess not sending our football team will show Russia how serious we are.

Playing with Golang. It's like C++ with the rough edges knocked off.

The more I understand about technology, and computers, the more staggered I am that anything works anywhere at all.

If you're still supporting at this stage you are either a hopeless ideologue, or an idiot.